Mission - Why we work
1. Generate profits to help people in need and the environment
2. To fully utilize our knowledge and skills with a sense of fulfillment
3. To meet the basic needs of our family
4. To have a positive impact on those around us
Operating Principles
1. Fairly balance the interest of our customers, employees, suppliers,
stockholders, and community
2. Encourage strong families, community participation, and spiritually
3. Have integrity in all interactions
4. Be an enjoyable and safe place to work
5. Freedom to participate, question, dream, strive, fail, and take action
6. All employees are equal members of the team with no one provided special
7. A positive culture is more important than individual success or business results
8. Minimize negative impact to the environment
1. Consider the interests of all parties impacted by our decisions and actions
2. To provide value added services and products to our customers
3. Provide a service or product that can show tangible differentiation from the
4. Employ people that enjoy working, are self-motivated, take initiative, and are a
team player
5. Maintain a positive culture and respect the dignity of each employee
6. Assure employees have the knowledge and resources to succeed and grow
7. To have all employees engaged in the business functioning at their highest and
best use
8. Allow for a balanced lifestyle between family, work, health, and spirituality
1. Grow overall profitability and charitable giving
2. Less than 5 percent employee turnover
3. Have 9 portfolio companies by 2032