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33 concepts and challenges which you can implement in your business today and see immediate results.

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I started writing this book 20 years ago with concepts I developed as I progressed through my career. Each concept is intentionally written to the point without a lot of fluff. The conclusion of each chapter is a challenge which you can introduce in your business practices today.

Ronald Myer, Author of "33 Ways to Improve in Business and Life"

Some topics discussed

  • When to hit the panic button

  • 4 steps to change a habit 

  • Think you are right, but assume you are wrong

  • Greatest strength is greatest weakness

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Readers Are Saying

See what people are saying about Mr. Myer's book and how they have implemented his wisdom into their companies day-to-day routine. 


The concepts are easy to digest and can be implemented on day one. A refreshing read that has something for everyone. 

Business Executive

Well written, clear, concise and professional.

Many family analogies give it a personal feel.

I picked up some new organizational ideas, and reinforced others.

Storyteller, Humorist, Writer

A Message From The Author

Ronald has a special message to introduce his new book. 

I've also written a book called "Impactful Verses"

"Impactful Verses" comprises a section of my favorite New Testament verses discussed in an easy-to-understand manner, along with a discussion on Jesus' teachings from the four gospels."



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